2019 Catylist highlights and latest happenings

New National Marketplace powered by Catylist: Commercial Exchange - w
• We launched our new national marketplace, Commercial Exchange - an enhanced and invaluable national exposure benefit for our local market partners.
• We ramped up marketing for Commercial Exchange, and we are promoting it as a singular brand to the marketplace to increase awareness and obtain more views and leads for commercial professionals participating in the Catylist network.
• Commercial Exchange exposure is automatic and free for paying members participating on local market Catylist services. There is no need for your paying members to register or login at Commercial Exchange.
• Commercial Exchange is designed to augment and strengthen your local market Catylist service. Commercial professionals in your market area seeking to join Commercial Exchange will be directed to your service.
New Catylist Technology Platform
• We continue refinement of our new technology platform, which currently serves our local market Catylist Research services and Commercial Exchange.
• Transitions to the new technology platform for our Catylist CLS clients will begin in 2020. Stay tuned!
New Data Catylist API Terms of Use
• For the benefit and protection of our Catylist clients, individual members, and Catylist, we changed our Catylist API terms of use to limit the storage of client and member listing data on other sites displaying active listings outside the Catylist Network.
• Benefits of the new Catylist API terms of use - h ttps://
o Puts you and your members in full control of your valuable data and limits its storage elsewhere for non- authorized purposes.
o Ensures member data appearing on sites outside the Catylist Network mirror the same data on Catylist - no discrepancies.
o Strengthens liability protection for all parties.
New RPR Commercial Integration
o We recently strengthened the RPR Commercial value proposition for Catylist services that have requested RPR Commercial integration.
o Specifically, the RPR logo and multiple deep links to valuable RPR reports are now prominently displayed on all listings. New deep links to RPR reports include: trade area details, thematic maps, best location for a business, best business for a location, and more.

New Catylist Logo & Website – w
• We rebranded with a new Catylist logo that better represents our purpose for uniting the commercial brokerage industry nationally with a local focus and strategy. You can download our new logo and brand standards for your own marketing collateral on our new Catylist Media page – w

• We also launched a new Catylist website designed to strengthen brand awareness about our services, and to share information on how commercial real estate professionals can join the Catylist Network through our local market services.
New Catylist Network Clients
o Finally, we are excited to share the Catylist Network continues to grow, offering more content and exposure for your members. Welcome aboard!
o Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS®
o Birmingham Association of REALTORS®
o Central Texas MLS (CTXMLS)
 Four Rivers Association of REALTORS®
 Fort Hood Area Association of REALTORS®
 Temple-Belton Board of REALTORS®
 Victoria Area Association of REALTORS®
 Williamson County Association of REALTORS®
o Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS®
o Dayton REALTORS®
o Rockford Area REALTORS®
o Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS®
o Toledo Regional Association of REALTORS®

o The Catylist Network is now supported by 70+ associations serving over 18,000 paying members across North America with more growth on the way!